What you get

Each room comes with three microphones with stands and cables and the following:

Rooms 1 – 4
Yamaha EMX660 600W PA
2x Yamaha EM12 Speakers

Room 5
Yamaha MG166CX 16 Channel Mixing desk
2x Mackie C300z Speakers

Room 6
Yamaha EMX660 600W PA
2x Mackie C300z Speakers

We also have drum kits, guitar amps and bass amps for hire as well. You can see what equipment we have available below and click here to book a room. Use the buttons below to jump to the equipment you’re interested in.

Firebird Studios rehearsal room 4

Additional Equipment

All the equipment displayed below can be hired for an additional fee. Check out our prices page for more information of how much they cost to hire.

Drum Kits

Guitar Amps

Bass Amps


Book our rehearsal rooms

Now you’ve seen what we offer, come and try them out at our studio!

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