What you get

Each room comes with:

Yamaha EMX660 600W PA
2x Yamaha EM12 Speakers
3x Microphones with stands and cables

We also have drum kits, guitar amps and bass amps for hire as well. You can see what equipment we have available and click here to book a room.

Firebird Studios Room 6

Drum Kits


Premier XPK

Jazz / World

Natal Arcadia

Rock / Pop

Yamaha YD

Rock / Pop

Yamaha Stage Custom


Pearl Forum

Guitar Amps

Marshall JCM2000 100 DSL

Blackstar HT Stage 100

Cornford Roadhouse 50

Marshall Valvestate

Peavey Classic 30

Fender Frontman 212R

Bass Amps

Ampeg B5R

Ampeg BA500

Ampeg BA115

Peavey Mark III

Peavey Mark VI


Nord Electro 3

Roland FP-4