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Rehearsals, storage and equipment hire

All evening studio rehearsal sessions are for four hours, daytime sessions can be booked by the hour. Discounts are available for block bookings, please call for more information.

We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy, if you cancel within 48 hours we will have to charge you for the room hire. To book a room, please call 0117 972 1830 go to the booking form.

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Room Hire Rates

You’ll find the prices for all sessions and equipment hire below. Have a look and then give us a call to book a room with us.


Rooms 1 – 4

Evening Room Hire (7 – 11pm)£32/£27*
Daytime Room Hire (per hour)£6
8 hr booking (10am – 6pm)£45
Lockout (10am – 11pm)£70

Room 5

Evening Room Hire (7 – 11pm)£40/£35*
Daytime Room Hire (per hour)£8
8 hr booking (10am – 6pm)£60
Lockout (10am – 11pm)£90

Room 6

Evening Room Hire (7 – 11pm)£35/£30*
Daytime Room Hire (per hour)£7
8 hr booking (10am – 6pm)£50
Lockout (10am – 11pm)£80


Rooms 1 – 6

Room Hire (per hour)£10
8 hr booking£70

The Engine Room (Anytime)

This is an exclusive price for Firebird Studios bands only.

Room Hire (per hour)£20
8 hr booking£140

Equipment Rates (per 4 hour block)

Standard Bass Amp£3
Premium Bass Amp£5
Guitar Amp Standard (Peavey Classic 30/Marshall AVT50)£3
Guitar Amp Premium
(Marshall JCM2000/Blackstar HT Stage 100/Cornford Roadhouse 50)
Drum Kit (Shells, stands and pedal)£5
Nord Electro 3£10
Weber Piano (Room 5 only)£10


We have storage available for regular clients starting at just £3 per item per week. Contact Us for more information.