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Firebird Festival 2016

Firebird Festival 2016 HeadingFirebird Festival is back! This is the festival we’re putting on to celebrate two years of running the studios and to thank all the bands that rehearse with us. We’ve got a great line up of bands, from covers to indie rock to classical hip hop. It goes to show the breadth of artists that use the studios and the diversity of music you can find in this city.

Firebird Festival Tell The Hoi StudioMusic

Confirmed acts are The Cedar, Why We Love, Mike Dennis, DOWNARD, Crystal Balloon, Sons of Liberty and Psychedelic Hearts Club. All of these bands have been playing around Bristol and the South West and show you why this area of the UK continues to punch above its weight musically. You can read more about them here.


There will also be free music taster lessons for our Saturday Music Club, a guitar demo room from Lindo Guitars, food and drink and most importantly the fabled Jamming Room where you can grab an instrument and have a go at being in a band!
We will also have a massage room with Simon from Natural Restorative Therapies who has quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest masseurs in the South West.
This is what last year’s festival looked like:

All in all we think it’s going to be a great days fun and you’d be mad to miss it! It all starts at 12pm and goes on until 9pm.