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Music Lessons in Bristol

You can learn guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, violin and drums as Firebird Studios. If you want to learn an instrument, then we have two different avenues for you. You can either learn privately with one of our music tutors, or as part of our Saturday Music Club.

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer the most effective way to learn an instrument as the teacher can work to your speed and ability and craft the lesson specifically to your needs. Our teachers offer different lengths of lesson from 30 minutes to 1 hour and we offer all of the instruments mentioned above at different times of the week.

Saturday Music Club

We opened our music school in January 2016 with the goal of providing affordable music tuition to the local area. Saturday Music Club was created and has gone from strength to strength growing in numbers from the 20 initial students to the 80+ students we get through our doors every Saturday morning. We offer guitar, keyboards/piano, violin and drums at our school.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn a musical instrument and that money shouldn’t be a barrier to them being able to try something to see if they like it. That’s why we provide group lessons, so that people can try their hand at something and see if they want to pursue it further. We have instruments available for people to use during the lessons and can recommend ones for people at all different stages of their development to buy.

RSL Awards

We are also an RSL Awards Graded Exam Test Centre, providing an examination space for the Rockschool syllabus. They cover all popular musical instruments from Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals and more. All of our teachers use Rockschool for their graded exams and we recommend them for the best in modern music exams.

Check out our rehearsal rooms

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