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Piano Lesson in Bristol

Get Piano Lessons in Bristol

You can get private piano lessons here at Firebird Studios with our piano teacher Monty Willoughby.  The lessons are fun, informative and can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, or longer if you have the stamina! Monty is a fantastic player and is our main substitute teacher for Saturday Music Club.

Rockschool grades

If you’re looking to work towards graded piano exams, then we recommend RSL Awards’ Rockschool program. It is the pre-eminent course for people studying Pop and Rock music. They range from Entry all the way to Grade 8 and can be counted towards your UCAS points once you reach grade 6 and beyond.

As an RSL Awards examination centre, you’ll be studying in the very place that you’ll take your exam. Hopefully lessening those exam nerves!

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Meet the Teacher

Monty is a vocalist and pianist graduated from Bath Spa University and brings five years of comprehensive experience in teaching individuals of all ages and skill levels. His passion lies in fostering creativity and inspiring students to delve into composing music in an immersive and engaging manner.
Monty have had the privilege of performing at numerous festivals across the UK with  original projects and have held residencies at esteemed resorts worldwide on cruise ships and land.

Monty is a present member Bristol’s vibrant music scene, from hosting events and collaborating with local projects.
Monty enjoys teaching music that the student listening to from anime to movies and video games, and using that to engage with writing music in creative and fun ways. 


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