Mike Dennis – Violin Teacher

Mike Dennis

Mike is an ABRSM Grade 8 (with distinction) classically-trained violinist. He has years of teaching experience and has led and played in several county orchestras.

Mike has been learning and playing the violin since the age of 9. After the first three months of school violin lessons, he was really not enjoying the instrument and wanted to give up until he learned how to play "Bright Eyes" from the film, Watership Down, and after that, the penny dropped!

He currently performs under his own name using his violin, a loop pedal and several pieces of percussion to create, believe it or not, very cool hip hop music which he raps and recites poetry over. It must be seen to be believed, the video is from his talk at TEDx Cardiff.

Hopefully, this goes some way to showing you the musicality that can be nurtured through learning this beautiful, versatile instrument.
Mike is available for group and private lessons now.


Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am - 2pm