Our reaction to the Covid roadmap

So Bojo the Clown Prince has given us something to work towards that almost sounds like a good idea. We have dates, which are the earliest points by which certain activities can be done, but what do they mean in terms of rehearsals and who qualifies?

Firstly, we need to explain our definition of professional musician. We feel that anyone who gets paid for a performance, no matter how infrequent, is a professional musician. If you are a weekend warrior getting a split of the door, play in a social club every few weeks for £50, or tour the world performing to thousands of screaming fans, we consider you a professional musician.

UK Covid Roadmap Step 1

Step 1 – 8th March / 29th March

Professional Musicians

During this time, any professional musicians / groups can rehearse if their rehearsal is for a paid gig. We are including rehearsals for gigs far in advance (are there any that aren’t that right now?), so anyone who is in a band that gets paid to perform is allowed to rehearse with us.

Solo musicians

Drummers, guitarists who want to test out their equipment and run through things at full volume without their neighbours complaining, singers who can’t get through the first verse without someone banging on the wall are all allowed to practice at the studios as this is considered work that cannot be undertaken at home.

Saturday Music Club

We’ll still be online for this step as only outdoor parent and child groups are allowed for this step, but you guys are going to love step 2!

Private teaching

The Musicians Union has published a post that says that private tuition can happen if the lessons are “…for the purposes of obtaining a regulated qualification, meeting the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments“. So if you have students that are studying for examinations, then you can bring them to us. We are also an RSL Awards examination centre, so if your students are studying towards an RSL award exam, then come to us and they’ll be more comfortable come exam day.

Amateur Musicians

I’m afraid, you guys are still not allowed to come and throw down in the studios. You guys are covered under the no internal mixing rules for the time being.

Step 2 Covid roadmap UK

Step 2 – 12th April

Professional Musicians / Solo Musicians / Private Teaching

It’s business as normal for you guys – what you could do before, you can do now.

Saturday Music Club

So what’s changed? Not a lot for most people, but you SMC people are finally welcome into our studios. We’ll be starting in-person tuition after the Easter holidays. We can’t wait to see you all again!

Step 3 Covid UK

Step 3 – 17th May

Professional musicians / Solo musicians / Saturday Music Club / Private teaching

You know what you could do before. That. Again.

Amateur groups

Here’s the date we’re all waiting for. For our studios, pretty much everyone and anyone can come down and rock out from this date onwards, as long as the rule of 6 is not modified in the meantime. Most of our rooms can accomodate up to 6 people, so from this point on, if you want to come down and throw your musical sounds around the room you can. If there are more than 6 people in your band though, you’ll need to wait for Step 4 a month later.

Step 4 Covid UK

Step 4 – 21st June

Everyone can do everything at our studios. If you are a person who wants to come to our studio, then come to our studio. You can do whatever you want here. Practice music, scream and rage out, have an impromptu rave, do whatever comes in to your head within reason.

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