PAT testing image with main whose been comically blown up due to faulty equipment

PAT testing

We now offer PAT testing at Firebird Studios.

It costs £1 per item and can include amplifiers, power leads, active PA speakers, power amps, keyboards, laptops, tablets, basically any electronic item you use as part of your performance.

What is PAT testing?

The Portable Appliance Test is a test to check that your electrical equipment is electrically safe and not likely to cause harm to you or anyone around you. This comprises of a visual inspection and electrical test – typically using a PAT testing machine.

Why should I PAT test my equipment?

Mainly because it’s good to know that your equipment is safe and shouldn’t cause any issues at your gig. If something goes wrong at the venue and the electrics pop for some reason, it’s a great way to prove that your equipment was unlikely to be the cause of it.

Also, your insurance policies typically ask for it as part of the requirements of getting the insurance in the first place. If you don’t have a valid PAT test, then they have the perfect reason to refuse your insurance claim and no one wants those weasly tinkers to get out of doing what’s right by you.

Get your equipment tested

We can get your equipment tested and back to you within 48 hours

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