Studio rules from 19th July

Wear a Mask

No doubt you’ve seen the news about what changes are going to be made from next Monday and we wanted to set out our position going forward from that date.

Please keep wearing your mask and washing your hands

As a member of the Association of Independent Rehearsal and Recording Studios, we have been advised that, after talking to the Department for Culture Media and Sport, UK Music and the Music Producers Guild, we should keep all procedures in place from the 19th July. As a business that, unfortunately, is a prime location for transmission to take place, we feel it’s too soon to lift the restrictions that have helped us to keep our studios a safe place for everyone to interact and make music together.

As was spelled out in the presentation by Professor Chris Whitty, whilst the vaccine helps to suppress the virus and make infections less severe and the chances of becoming infected much less, it is still infectious and transmissible. The Delta varient seems to be a particularly nasty version of the virus that still has the ability to hospitalise up to 25% of the population if we’re not careful. We have had anecdotal evidence given to us by NHS staff that work at Southmead, that the majority of cases being admitted are people in their 20s who haven’t been vaccinated and 40-50 year olds that have and have stopped being as vigilant.

We want everyone to feel that the studios are somewhere where all are welcome and safe. We have a wide range of ages that use our studios ranging from 6 – 60+. This means that we have people who are clinically vulnerable who use our space, people who are looking after people who are clinically vulnerable and others who are immuno-compromised as well as you lucky ones, who can spring out of bed with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. We need them to feel able to use our space without fear of either themselves or their loved ones being infected because they are coming here.

Like everyone, I’ll be very relieved when this is all over, but it isn’t over yet and that’s why we will be keeping our procedures in place and asking you to be as vigilant at before until such time as we feel we can – and we’re advised to – do otherwise.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Our response to the new 6 person limit

Work Not Play

Our response to the new 6 person limit

Firebird Studios

The new limits that have been set out for social gatherings are quite severe, but we are of the opinion that they do not apply to us. Musicians come here to practice their craft and prepare for paid engagements and with that in mind, we consider our studios a place of work. We are also fortunate that a lot of the bands that use us fall under the 6 person limit anyway and as such, they are not subject to this new law.

In any case, we will be carrying on as normal, as, we hope, will the musicians who are using us. We have set out in detail on our website the things we are doing to keep everyone safe – wiping down all equipment, touch points and surfaces, and booking bands in to rooms that incorporate them safely and allow for the 2m social distancing.

Saturday Music Club

As Saturday Music Club has an education purpose, we are exempt from the new law and will be carrying on as normal. We have already put in place new measures to ensure that children and their parents are safe whilst on site and given the size of classes, again, these measures wouldn’t affect us even if the education exemption didn’t exist.