Marshall Origin 50 Combo

Marshall Origin 50 Combo amplifier

This amp harks back to the simpler times where all amps did was make what you do sound great. This is a great guitar amp for people who want a great tone and no extra nonsense built in. The best thing about this amp is the switchable power stage. Go from 50W to 5W and still get all the creamy tones you want to get.

Here’s what Marshall have to say the this amp:

Innovate and craft your sound using this 50W combo. A Celestion Midnight 60 12” type speaker provides a classic all-valve, rich and harmonic Marshall tone. This amp has classic styling and contains contemporary features. A power reduction feature, Powerstem, perfectly matches your tone whether performing on stage or practicing in the studio. With a 2-way footswitch available you can control the gain boost and turn the FX loop on and off.

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