Natal Arcadia Rock kit

Natal Arcadia UF22 kit in wine red with four toms and a 22" kick drum.

This is a unique version of the Natal Arcadia UF22 kit with an extra 14″ floor tom, giving you extra boom for your fills.

The poplar shell creates bright, clear tones while retaining the deep low sound many drummers love. We use Evans G2 skins on the toms as we find them easy to tune and they last a long time!

The kit features 2mm triple-flanged hoops, which creates an open and resonant sound perfect for performing to the masses. The kit features bass drum claws with rubber gaskets and telescopic bass drum legs, giving you the ultimate security when positioning and prevents hoop marks when playing. A strong favourite with drummers around the world, Arcadia performs with indisputable quality whilst being incredibly compact and reasonable.

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