TC Electronic BG500

TC Electronic BG500 combo bass amp

The BG 500 bass combo amp comes with two Eminence 10″ speakers with a 1″ eminence tweeter. Delivering 500 watts of power, these are not like the combo amps of years past. These combos will blow the door off its hinges or offer a great rehearsal volume in a relatively small 70 lb. package. And with a built-in tuner, compression, line-in, and tube tone replicator, these amps are built to give you the tone you want.

The BG 500 offers the impressive SpectraComp™ built-in compressor. Unlike other compressors, it compresses the tone of each string, rather than a single-band compressor found in other amplifiers. This means you get great sound that isn’t compromised by a single compressor treating each string the same. It also has the now signature TC Electronic Tube Tone dial. Rather than using a small preamp tube, this effect emulates the characteristics of an all-tube amp, giving you an arguably better, fuller tone. This gives the player the ability to dial-in a variety of tube tones, and even over-driving the tone, in a solid state amp.

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