Coronavirus precautions

Coronavirus Precautions

Due to the raising of the risk level by the government to high, we are now having to put in place the following measures to try and ensure that everyone who comes to our studios, feels as safe as possible:

Read the latest advice

Please take a look at the latest government advice on steps to reduce the risk of transmission. This includes tips on the best way to wash your hands (it’s a lot more involved than you’d think!) and will change depending on how the virus progresses in the UK and abroad.

Recent travel

If you have recently travelled from an affected area up to 14 days before you come to the studio, please don’t come to the studio. Let us know, and we’ll either move or cancel your rehearsal.

If you develop symptoms

If you start to develop symptoms (these include a persistent cough and high temperature) and you’ve been to the studio in the past three days, please let us know. That way we can take appropriate actions to clean any spaces that you have been in and notify people.

The likelihood is that we would have to notify the Public Health England and the studios would then be shut for two weeks to try and minimise the damage.

If you start to develop symptoms and have a rehearsal booked with us – even if it is within the 48 hour cancellation period – please do not come to the studios. Let us know and we’ll cancel your rehearsal free of charge regardless of timescale.

Don’t be selfish

If we feel that anyone is flouting the advice and has knowingly brought Coronavirus into our studios, they will be asked to leave immediately and will be charged for their rehearsal.

General precautions

We will be cleaning all door handles, light switches, mixers, microphones, amplifiers, drum kits, keyboards and anything else we can think of that could be a possible source of transmission. We are currently still going to be using reusable cups on site, but will ask you not to bring your own with you.

We have plenty of hand soap, paper towels and a hand dryer for you to use whilst you are at the studios. We do not have hand sanitiser as standard, so we will ask everyone to visit the toilets and wash their hands when they enter the studios. When possible, we will put hand sanitiser out at the front of the studios. If you have your own, please bring it along.

From now on we will only be taking card payments for all transactions. Where possible, could you please ensure that any small payments are paid for together (anything under £2 as a guide). We can also issue invoices for rehearsals, which you can pay online. Hopefully this will avoid the need to take any cash payments on the day.


Please could you bring microphones and cables to the studio if you have them. We will continue to give out microphones, but any help in reducing the amount of cleaning and sterilising we have to do will be appreciated.

Saturday Music Club

We’re happy to see that children seem to be the least affected by this virus, but we will ask you not to attend if you have travelled from an affected area or your child’s school has been shut down due to an infection on-site.

Staff & Teachers

All staff and teachers will be subject to the same guidelines and precautions outlined here. If we feel that any of our staff are a potential risk, they will be asked not to work at the studio during this time.

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