Do you have a car park?

They joy of rehearsing at Firebird Studios is that you don’t have to gain access through a special gate* or wander around for ages on the streets looking for somewhere to park. We have a fairly large car park on site which can usually accomodate all of our bands rehearsing at any one time. If you get here late, then you may have a bit of difficulty parking right outside the door, but there’s plenty of space all around our building and also on the street if we’re really jammed up.

You do need to be sensible with where you park when you get here and maybe look around you to make sure that you’re not blocking people in, or parking in a way that can stop other people parknig around you. Other than that it’s usually plain sailing when you get here.

If you’re rehearsing in the evening, then we typically have the entire site to ourselves. For people rehearsing in the daytime, there are other businesses on site that require access and so we ask you to be more mindful during standard working hours.

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