Do your rooms come with equipment?

Our rooms come with a pa and microphones as standard, but if you need guitar amps or drum kits, then there’s an extra charge for them. So why do we charge for our equipment hire?

The reason that we charge for the equipment is two fold. Firstly, we’re on the ground floor with great load in access and so people generally enjoy being able to bring their own equipment and use it at an angry volume. This becomes tricky if you’ve got a room full of equipment already in place.

Secondly, we don’t want to charge you for something that you don’t use. If you book a room and the equipment is already in there, then you’re paying for the equipment within your room hire fee. We think people should only pay for what they use, so each item is hired separately. The hire fee is minimal (£1 – 2.50 per item per hour) and that hire fee goes towards the maintenance of the equipment.

We service our amps regularly and change the drum kit heads at least once – if not twice – a year depending on usage. This can all quickly add up cost-wise, but we want to keep this going so that you guys get good quality equipment to use if and when you need to use it. We’ve all been to those rehearsal rooms that have free equipment in them and it’s almost always completely trashed and pretty unuseable.

We want you to have the best experience you can at our studios, so you can get on with what you’re there to do; make amazing music.

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