New rules for Living with Covid

We are now entering a new phase of our relationship with Covid 19 and the government has now said that mandatory wearing of face masks is now no longer required. They also state that the wearing of face masks is to be encouraged indoors in enclosed spaces and so it is with that in mind, that we’ll be asking people to continue to wear masks where they can.

As there is no legal recourse for wearing masks, we as a business cannot legally ask you to wear one, we just hope that you’ll appreciate that – whilst there are situations where mask wearing clearly doesn’t need to happen anymore – we would consider our enclosed rehearsal spaces as somewhere where it does still make sense to wear a mask. There are still a lot of people being infected with this virus and some are still being hospitalised as a result.

We are still not at a point where the virus has been successfully reduced to that of a common cold (although the signs are looking promising), so we do still need to be more vigilant than we would normally be. I hope you can help us in doing this.

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