New Stuff at the studio!

We’ve upgraded some equipment at the studio and also bought a new amp! It’s a Cornford Roadhouse 50 and it sounds sweet as! 50 Watts of raw power packed in a very discreet looking amp. Don’t be fooled though, it’ll rip your head off first chance it gets!

Firebird Studios Cornford Roadhouse 50 GuItar Amp
This little beauty is quite a beast!

Firebird Studios New Drum Skins
New Skins for the Yamaha Stage Custom and YD drums.

Firebird Studios Pearl Forum New SpursWe want to keep making this place better and better so you guys get the best rehearsal experience around! We’ll keep you posted on all the new developments we do. Hope you like them!
New Spurs for the Pearl Forum kit. NO more wobbly rehearsals!

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