We have a supply of sticks, strings, batteries and more available on site including the following items:

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Regular SlinkySlinky


Ernie Ball Power SlinkyPower Slinky


Ernie Ball Hybrid SlinkyHybrid Slinky


Ernie Ball Skinny Top Regular BottomSkinny Top
Regular Bottom


Ernie Ball Super SlinkySuper Slinky



 D'Addario Heavy Guage 
EXL145 Heavy Gauge

D'Addario Regular Light
EXL110 Light Gauge

 D'Addario Super Light
EXL120 Super Light Gauge

Vic Firth

Vic Firth hickory 5a drum sticks  
5A Hickory Wood Tip
Vic Firth hickory 5b drum sticks
5B Hickory Wood Tip
Vic Firth hickory 5b drum sticks 
7A Hickory Wood Tip

Pro Mark

Pro Mark hickory 5a drum sticks 
Hickory 5A Wood Tip
Pro Mark hickory 5b drum sticks
Hickory 5A Wood Tip

Gig Spares

If you’re off to a gig and realise you don’t have spare strings, we’re here every evening until late to come to your rescue. Just give us a ring on 0117 972 1830.


We also have an on-site cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks so you don’t need to run to the shops before rehearsal or run to McDonalds half way through rehearsal.

We have proper coffee for those of you like us that need a coffee hit and aren’t fans of instant. We have homebaked cake, sandwiches, toasties, soup, and all the usual snacks. If we don’t stock your favourite snack, just let us know and we will see if we can get some in.

Firebird Studios Cafe

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