Bugera 333

Bugera 333 120w Valve Combo

Take 120 Watts, three channels and eight blazing vacuum tubes, then add two original 12″ BUGERA speakers; it all adds up to the BUGERA 333-212, a combo amp that’s ready to take you to every corner of the rock spectrum.

The 333-212 comes loaded with four matched 6L6 power tubes for a clean, sunny California vibe (or, just flip a switch and swap them for EL34 tubes for a brash British grind). Four matched 12AX7 preamp tubes feed the power stage. All three channels have their own Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble for thorough sound shaping, while the Lead and Crunch channels have independent Gain controls. You also get a Master Volume control as well as a Reverb dial that governs the amount of studio-caliber digital reverb applied to your sound.

An obscene number of one-of-a-kind features make the 333-212 one of the most versatile combo amps ever built. A Damping switch (High, Medium, Low) allows you to control the movement of the speaker cone, while an Impedance switch (4, 8, 16 Ohm) makes this amp compatible with virtually any speaker cabinet. The FX Loop has independent Send and Return level controls that also serve as a Boost function. You can even control the line output via the dedicated Level control. But the features don’t end there?the 333-212 also includes a metal-encased footswitch that allows you to activate any of the three channels and boost the FX Loop in mid-song.

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