Mark Bass 121H

Mark Bass 121 Combo

A more “hi-fi” alternative to the Mini CMD 121P, thanks to its larger size and 1” compression driver and custom horn. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of the 15″ cabinet that we have onsite. Designed for bass players who need power, portability and top performance! Volume isn’t an issue with this combo. A line out level control knob offers precise control of the level sent out to the mixer, a pre/post EQ switch means you can route your XLR output before or after the EQ as required.

Packing an earth shattering 500W rms at four ohms or 300W rms at eight, the Markbass CMD 121H IV Bass Combo Amp sounds huge. We also have a 1 x 15″ extension cab for when you really need to throw out some low end frequencies!

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