The saga continues!

After sugar soaping the walls (the funnest task ever invented), we had to sand down and cover over the artwork that had been painted onto the walls by a mate of the previous owners. This was as fun as it sounds so here’s a quick photo montage of it all.

No Rolf comments please!
After we had done this it was time to find all the little dents and scratches in the wall and cover them up with Polyfilla. Amazing stuff and after a couple of youtube videos I was ready to take on the walls! Again with the montage!

Turns out there were quite a few dings we had to cover up. Hopefully now people have seen what we have done they can be a little less cavalier with their guitar cases, amps and bags!
Now we have to wait for it to dry, sand it again and paint it over with a ludicrous amount of paint! Till next time.

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